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205 Elbo Lane  
Mount Laurel NJ 08054
Yom Shlishi, 5 Adar 5778
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Project: Parent is a focused series of workshops designed for parents and caregivers! We discuss a variety of topics throughout the year related to the health, well being and success of children in both the school and home environments. The hour-long sessions are presented twice during the day to accommodate working and non-working parents. Each seminar investigates a different topic, ranging from challenging behaviors, potty training, fostering a positive parent/teacher relationship, to elementary school readiness for parents and children! Project: Parent is a safe space for parents to ask questions, learn new strategies and strengthen their knowledge about the growth and development of their little learner. Workshops are led by Director, Jessica Nanus M.P.S., and facilitated by experts in a variety of fields related to early childhood education. These sessions are open to all families within our community and are free of charge.