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 Photos from our 2017 trip to Israel coming soon!


Click to see videos taken on our last trip to Israel!

Photos from the 2014 Adath Trip:

Adath digs Israel! At Maresha site 169 dig, from the time of the Maccabees, 2200 years ago

7 1Maresha site1  7 1Maresha site2

7 1Maresha site3  7 1Maresha site4

7 1Maresha site5  7 1Maresha site7

7 1Maresha site6


7 1Maresha site8  7 1Maresha site9

7 1Maresha site10  7 1Maresha site11


7 1Maresha site12  7 1Maresha site13

7 1Maresha site14  7 1Maresha site15


7 1Maresha site16

Scenes from the Shouk

7 1fruit1 7 1Fruit2


7-1Cake 7-1Soldiers



June 30. 2014




6 30SittingCamel


6 30CamelWalk

Message from Rabbi David:

It's been an incredible few days. We visited our JNF grove yesterday morning in order to dedicate a plaque in memory of Rabbi Levine. It was an emotional and moving ceremony for all of us. His memory has very much been a part of this trip on various levels. We then spent the afternoon exploring the Old city of Jerusalem, including the City of David and the most recent Kotel excavations. Early this morning we set out for Masada, the ancient desert fortress that has become a symbol of survival for our people. We had a beautiful service atop the mountain and celebrated three bnai mitzvah. As I type this now most members of the group are taking a nice dip in the Dead Sea. More to come! Shalom...

Leading services atop Masada

6 30LeadingServicesMasada


Sofer at the Top of Masada 


Visiting Masada

6 30VisitingMasada

Donkey on a Hill

 6 30DonkeyontheHill

Passing through a Bedouin "Village"

 6 30Bedouinvillage


June 29, 2014


Plaque in Memory of Rabbi Levine:

6 29RabbiLevineTile

6 29RabbiLevine

Portion of the Western Wall Tunnel

6 29PortionofWesternWallinTunnel


Arab Village on Jerusalem Hill

6 29Arab Village on Jerusalem Hill

Passing through The Palestinian Authority B

6 29Passing through the Palestinian Authority B

Photos of Old Jerusalem:

6 29InOldJerusalem


6 29InOldJerusalem1


6 29InOldJerusalem2


6 29Israel


June 28, 2014

Adath Women at the Wall

6 28AdathatThe Wall



Shabbat in Jerusalem

6 28Aliyah Shabbat Jerusalem


At HUC - Rabbi David's Old Desk

6 28HUCRabbiDavid


Last minute additions to the walkway at the King David Hotel!

6 28RabbiSignature


June 27, 2014


From Rabbi David:  We have had a series of exhausting but incredibly uplifting days. We wrapped up our time in the Galilee by exploring the ancient city of Safed, where there are numerous artist colonies and age-old synagogues. Our day concluded with a boat ride from the shores of our kibbutz to Tiberias. This morning we stopped at Tsipori, site of the remarkable Roman era mosaics and the famed 'Mona Lisa of the Galilee.' After lunch at the first ever moshav we travelled two beautiful hours into the city of gold, Jerusalem. We welcomed Shabbat by visiting the Kotel, the iconic wall our people have turned to and returned to for two thousand years. I led a brief service in a park by our hotel where, for the first time in a week, we could catch our breath, reflect on what we've experienced and take in the magic that is Shabbat in Jerusalem. We had a large leisurely Shabbat dinner as a group before saying Layla Tov. More to come! 

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!


Women at the Western Wall:






Visiting Tzipori 

Visiting Tzipori


June 26, 2014


Toasting our anniversary couple as we sail to Tiberias




Silliness in Old Jaffa:


Golan Heights:


Pomegranate Trees:


Learning about the Golan Heights


The group's fearless Jeep Driver!





June 25, 2014

Another very full day! We left Tel Aviv to see the ancient port city of Caesaria, a seaside gem created by King Herrod two thousand years ago. We spent our afternoon in Zichron, enjoying the perfect weather and learning about the heroic souls who settled there. We were particularly excited to visit a beautiful Reform congregation there, where we met with the rabbi and spoke with Adath alum Ellen Fischl, who now lives in Zichron with her family. Tonight and tomorrow night we are staying at a kibbutz on the shores of the Galilee. Dinner was large and festive and we ended the day talking as a group on a lawn by the water. Leilah tov!

Dinner in Jaffa:



After a long day in Caesaria and Zichron, our Adath travelers are settling in to their kibbutz on the Galilee

kibbutz on the Galilee








June 24, 2014

What a day! We picked apples outside of Rehovot with an organization called Leket, which will immediately go into the homes and hands of Israeli families in need. We worked hard and sweated in the Israeli sun but felt good about doing such a mitzvah. After lunch at a craft fair and some free time, we learned about the life and legacy of Israeli hero and warrior for peace, Yitzhak Rabin. Our visit to his memorial and the movie of his life was taken in November of 1995 and was particularly moving for all of us. Next we toured Yaffo and learned about the ways that Jews and Arabs are living in partnership there by going to schools together and learning together in schools. Tonight we saw an incredible and moving performance put on by blind and deaf actors. It was a powerful display of Israel providing a sense of home and support for all of its citizens. Tomorrow: we head to Cesaria, Zichron, and begin a two night stay at a kibbutz by the Sea of Galilee. 

Photos from today's apple picking with Leket for needy Israelis


RabinSquareRabin Square


June 23, 2014

Update from Rabbi David:

"We are having an incredible time in the Land of Israel. We are 22 people of all ages and backgrounds, including many first timers. We are in Tel Aviv and today visited Independence Hall, planted trees outside of Tel Aviv avid learned about some of the modern state's greatest heroes. Tomorrow we are going to be helping local needy populations as well as visiting an artist colony in the oldest section of Tel Aviv, old Jaffa. We are having a great, very meaningful time."