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Derek Lo Res

“Why?” is probably one of the most important questions we ask in Judaism. Maybe you’ve heard it before? “Why do we light Shabbat candles?” or, “Why do we eat unleavened bread on Passover?” or even, “Why do I have to go to Hebrew school?” These are all important questions, however important questions don’t always have quick, easy answers. That’s why I want to talk to you about these questions. This summer I want to find out your “why.”

Why are you at Adath? Why do you bring your kids here? Why do you choose for your simchas to take place here? Why are you exploring your Judaism here? Or alternatively, why not?

It’s important to me that as I support our teens in creating programming for their peers, I know each family’s why. As Director of Youth Engagement, I can help create better programs by understanding your family’s why. Why does your teen love baseball or soccer? Why does your teen take part in robotics or dance?

This question of why is why I am going to be contacting families over the course of the summer to meet for coffee, ice cream, lunch, or Shabbat dinner. I would love to sit down with you and learn about your why, and how Adath and the many programs in the synagogue can help you explore that question.

Derek Greeley

Director of Youth Engagement