ECC Programs


Our Vision

The Early Childhood Center at Adath Emanu-El believes in an emergent and child centered approach to learning.  We believe in creating inclusive environments where children of diverse backgrounds and abilities can succeed and learn organically as individuals.

Young children acquire new skills and knowledge best through play and inquiry.  Our ECC provides opportunities for these learning experiences within a warm, supportive, and nurturing environment.  We respect and celebrate each child’s unique qualities as we facilitate their congnitive, physical, social, emotional and linguistic development.

Through our rich and engaging environment, comprised of consistent routines and exploratory play opportunities, we inspire children to grow and learn at their own pace.


First Friends: Toddler Program

This special experience is for little learners ages 12 months to 24 months. Our toddler program is a warm and inviting first experience for parents and children to become familiarized with our special preschool program before they begin our 2’s class the following year. We welcome all children to come and get a little taste of school as they make their first friends at Adath Emanu-El. Students who attend our First Friends program will learn through exploring their environment, as we provide them with visual, musical and physical stimulation in order to inspire their imagination to grow. This class is available as a two, three four or five day program, either part or full day!



Our 2’s program prides itself on providing a warm, nurturing environment and a critical stepping stone towards a positive school experience.  Important goals in the 2’s include independence and adaptive skill building, socialization, expressive and receptive communication, and fine and gross motor skill development!  Through our developmentally appropriate exploration of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays, we plant the seeds of Jewish customs, traditions and values while connecting your child to their community and environment!



Our 3’s program is designed to provide your child with a smooth and organic transition from the home to a school environment.  Consistent routines help our little learners develop a sense of safety; creating the path to learning and enjoying all educational experiences.  Jewish culture, traditions and practices are woven into the fabric of our emergent academic curriculum.


Our classrooms are set up into warm, stimulating and inviting centers that offer children the opportunity to choose their area of interest including art, manipulatives, blocks, dramatic play, writing, construction, animals, pattern play and more.  We encourage cooperative play skills and thematic units including self awareness, self expression, asking for help, manners, feelings, health and nutrition.  We also incorporate beginning math and biology concepts including hibernation ecology and patterning!




The 4’s program provides an enriching academic curriculum that is designed to expose our learners to emergent literacy skills through multiple modalities.  Skills are also strengthened and solidified in all areas including auditory/visual perception, cognitive, social and fine and gross motore planning!

Our 4’s engage in a developmentally appropriate phonics curriculum based on the “Explode the Code” series to help them take their first steps into the world of reading and writing!  Jewish culture and values as well as our connection to the land of Israel also add to the rich experiences of the 4’s curriculum!




Priority Registration begins November 1st!


Our Kindergarten Prep experience is modeled after a kindergarten classroom!  This program is specifically designed for active exploration and teacher-initiated activities including literacy, handwriting, math, science, social studies, art, puzzles and an extended circle time. Our teachers engage students in guided reading practices, focus on phonemic awareness, build emergent literacy skills, and build self esteem and confidence.  Little learners who spend this extra special year with us will enjoy both large and small group opportunities tailored to meet individual learning needs and foster a love of school.


This class can be attended as 5 half-day sessions from 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m., or 4 full school days, from 9:00 a.m. -3:15 p.m. with one half day. Our kindergarten prep is designed to provide an organic transition to the elementary school experience and give students the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace.




Project: Parent is a focused series of workshops designed for parents and caregivers! We discuss a variety of topics throughout the year related to the health, well being and success of children in both the school and home environments. The hour-long sessions are presented twice during the day to accommodate working and non-working parents. Each seminar investigates a different topic, ranging from challenging behaviors, potty training, fostering a positive parent/teacher relationship, to elementary school readiness for parents and children! Project: Parent is a safe space for parents to ask questions, learn new strategies and strengthen their knowledge about the growth and development of their little learner. Workshops are led by Director, Jessica Nanus M.P.S., and facilitated by experts in a variety of fields related to early childhood education. These sessions are open to all families within our community and are free of charge.