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Am Yisrael is looking for new members with a love of and interest in Israel, please contact Mark Rosenberg for more info.


Did you know that we are philosophically connected to a Reform synagogue in Israel? It is in Zichron Ya’akov, a town near Haifa that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Zichron Ya’akov was founded in the 1900s as an agricultural colony under the patronage of Baron de Rothschild, and is still known today for farming and the Carmel Winery.

The synagogue, Kehilat SulamYa’akov (in English, Jacob’s Ladder Community) practices Progressive (Reform) Judaism, similar to our practices here at Adath Emanu-El. They hold week-ly services and even have a part-time cantorial soloist. The Rabbi, Dalia Tibon Lagziel, greeted us so graciously when we visited there this past summer, and Ellen Fischl, who grew up in our synagogue but now lives in Israel, belongs there, too. Kehilat Sulam Ya’akov is a small congregation, but they hope to grow.

For a synagogue to prosper, it needs young families with children. To attract these young families, Kehilat Sulam Ya’akov wants to establish a child-care program and kindergarten. They need to develop activity areas for the children and upgrade their facilities. This would attract young families to the religious community and to Reform Judaism. This is where we come in.

During our school year, the Social Action Committee and Am Yisrael will team up to hold several fundraisers. Every penny will be forwarded to Kehilat Sulam Ya’akov to help with the improvements mentioned. When you see our members selling pretzels or donuts following Religious School, please patronize them. Our fundraisers will have broad effect.

The growth of liberal Judaism in Israel is so important to the diversity of the Jewish State and, in our small way, we can greatly help. If you have questions or to volunteer, call Helen Weinheimer (856-983-8322) or Josselyne Jackson (609-877-9140).

IsraeliflagThe Am Israel Committee is an active community made up of congregants interested in local, regional, national and international organizations that serve the needs of Israel and the Jewish community. 

Past events have included dinner and a movie at the Jewish Film Festival and a speaker from the Israeli Consulate in Philadelphia for Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Our goal for the year is to provide more opportunities for our congregants to be aware of how they can get involved with and show support for Israel. Much is happening in the community regarding Israel. Be a part of the action and response.

We meet monthly at the synagogue, at 7:00 on the last Monday of each Month, and invite anyone with an interest in Israel to join us. Please email Josselyne by clicking on her name: Mark Rosenberg or you can call her at 856-914-9526 for more information.




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