Can I pay my dues in installments?

Yes! All financial obligations can all be paid in installments. We have several different payment options so please review our Membership Application for details or contact our administrator.


Is it possible to receive financial assistance if I cannot afford the full dues or Religious School Tuition?

Yes! While the dues and tuition amounts are set by the Board of Directors to pay for the costs of operating the temple, we do not turn anyone away who cannot pay the full amounts. It has always been our practice to accept members at a rate commensurate with their ability to pay. Please contact the administrator for a confidential discussion.


Do I receive High Holy Day tickets with membership? 

Yes! For regular synagogue membership you receive tickets for your family to both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services


What is the Building Fund?

We ask all new members to contribute to this Fund. A portion of this money is used each year to pay for improvements and major repairs, including purchase of equipment and furnishings. The balance is kept in a reserve fund. Contributions to this fund can be made in installments over 5 years.


What are Sustaining, Chai, and Double Chai Members?

These members provide enhanced financial support to the synagogue above the Standard Dues. Sustaining pay regular dues plus an additional $500, Chai members pay regular dues plus an additional $1800, and Double Chai Members pay regular dues plus an additional $3600. If you’d like to join one of these dues categories, please contact the administrator.


Why should I join Adath Emanu-El?

Adath Emanu-El is home to the nicest group of people. At Adath Emanu-El, we support one another with a caring community and a culture of inclusiveness. We have weekly worship opportunities, adult education, religious school for children, an Early Childhood Center, youth group, many groups and clubs, and great opportunities to meet other people.


I’d like to join, but I don’t know anyone at Adath Emanu-El.

We have lots of opportunities for getting involved and meeting people, starting as soon as you join. Probably the best way to get to know people is to get involved. Get involved.


My kids are grown. What do I need a synagogue for?

While we offer many family-oriented programs that does not mean that we are only open to families with younger children. We focus on community building, with Sisterhood, Men’s Club, adult education seminars, leadership opportunities, social justice programs, and, of course, worship experiences. The synagogue’s task is to enhance your connection with other Jews and your personal search for meaning.


What does it cost to join a synagogue? Isn’t it expensive?

A Jewish sage once said that “the Gates of Prayer are always open.” Reform synagogues are committed to keeping their gates open and inclusive to all, and Adath Emanu-El is no different. While the synagogue has expenses like any other organization, we strive to ensure that financial constraints are never an obstacle to membership. Confidential discussions on reduced dues are encouraged if that will help you and your family join. Please contact our administrator.


Do you welcome and support interfaith families? 

Many of Adath Emanu-El’s current member families are interfaith. We welcome members from diverse backgrounds.


What should I do next?

Learn about Adath Emanu-El by coming to Adath.  Join us at Shabbat services; come to a Tot Shabbat; attend Torah study on Saturday mornings; meet with the Rabbi, the Cantor, our staff, and our welcoming congregants.  you can find out upcoming events at our website calendar.  Email us for more information or phone 856.608.1200.