From The Men’s Club President

For years, Wayne has been relentlessly recruiting me to take on a leadership position within the Adath Men’s Club.  I wondered if Wayne was secretly a dentist because it must have felt like pulling teeth for him.  For me it was easy, just say NO.  Sorry, Wayne, don’t have the time.  Sorry, Wayne, work is too busy.  Sorry, Wayne, have someone else step up.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the bimah.

Anyone close to the Men’s Club, or even Adath at large for that matter, would have to be blind to not notice the unbelievable passion, dedication, and energy and time exhibited by Men’s Club leaders like Wayne and Norm Godfrey.  The more involved with Men’s Club I got, the more impressed I became.  How many weekends, from catering Shabbat dinners on Friday to b’nai mitzvah celebrations on Saturday to Men’s Club brunches on Sunday would Norm, Wayne and so many others work so hard to bring such joy (and full bellies) to our grateful Adath congregation.  

And not just catering.  Doug Richter, Brian Sattinger and so many others who build the awesome sukkah each year to help deliver a magical Sukkot enabling the congregation to star-gaze and enjoy God’s handiwork while enjoying S’mores and hot chocolate.  Jeff Schnepper, Brian Hans and others volunteering to usher during High Holidays and having to content with dozens of prayer books piled high atop their outstretched hands and sagging shoulders.  Punishment for missing Rabbi David’s sermons?

Doug Richter running the fun bowling party each year.  Jack Miller putting together exciting party fairs.  Bob Egan running softball.  Bob Eisner not giving up on his belief that they are Sunday breakfasts and not brunches.  The list of amazing Men’s Club volunteers and leaders goes on and on and I apologize for all I didn’t mention but Brian Sattinger is holding up my time card.  

Everyone who helps make Men’s Club the great Adath organization that it is a Mensch.  Or is that presumptuous.  Is that like assuming Elijah has joined our seder without opening the door for him?  Is that like assuming the Messiah has already come and delivered when we know we still await?  I’d prefer to think of all of us in the Men’s Club as Mensches in Training or MIT.  While I know I’d never be smart enough to get admitted to MIT, I hope that I can lead the Men’s Club’s MIT to continue serving a great mission for Adath.  One both of service and social.  Blood drives and ball games.  Coat collections and Cooperstown.  Answering the call to action and the text to grab a burger with the guys.

Sound like fun?  Want to be a Mensch in Training and join MIT?  Want to help build and break down the Sukkah for Sukkot or chant Torah during Men’s Club Shabbat or just see exactly how fun Wayne is going to make things running programming?  Then join us as a Mensch in Training.  Like any Jewish family’s house on Pesach, our door is open and our Kiddush cup is ready to be shared.  

Evan Levine
Men’s Club President