Gift Card Program

 A variety of gift cards are always available for purchase in the office during office and religious school hours. Hundreds more cards are also available to order. Stop in the office for info or contact Anne Goodman.



Have you bought Gift Cards lately?

Help Adath while you shop either online or in person!  Please read the information below. is the online ordering system that we use to gather family scrip orders. Using your free ShopWithScrip account, you will be able to order scrip anytime you’re connected to the internet. It’s so convenient!

How to Register:

To place your scrip orders, you need to first create a ShopWithScrip account.  

Go to this link, fill in all the required information and click “Register.”  You will be asked to select two challenge questions and provide answers, which will be required if you forget your password.  It’s that easy!

Questions?  Please contact Anne Goodman for more information. has an online payment service called prestopay

Pay for your scrip gift cards online.  When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via electronic debit.  You won’t have to drop off any more checks!

How to do it:

Log into your ShopWithScrip account, click on the PrestoPay link under Family Functions on yoru dashboard, and enter your checking account information.  Complete the steps to verify your information, and you will receive a secure approval code to share with your scrip coordinator.   That’s it!  You will then be able to choose the PrestoPay option when you check out on, and have your payment securely transferred from your checking account.  A small $ 0.15 convenience fee will apply to each order.

Questions?  Please contact  Anne Goodman for more information.

Contact Anne Goodman for more information.

Open a gift card order form by clicking here.