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Dear friends,
The Lifelong Learning Committee is engaged in developing programs for the Adath community and the greater Jewish community. We strive to present a varied selection of programs and events during the year that will entertain you, inform you, and yes, challenge you. Among our offerings you will find movie nights, exploration of Jewish texts, holiday based programming, field trips, and so much more! This will be in addition to our popular and ongoing weekly “Torah Talk & Bagels” and the Rabbi’s monthly Talmud Class. If you do not see the programs and activities that you want or if you have any suggestions, then it is up to you! Please offer your ideas. Better still, please join our committee.

Finally, we would like to initiate two programs for which we call upon members of the Adath Community to volunteer: 1. “Resident Scholars”: To supplement our successful Bi-Annual “Scholar in Residence” program, we invite members to draw on their personal knowledge, expertise, and experiences to host programs 2. “Stories of Adath” is intended for members who are willing to share their individual stories which may include life journeys, spiritual quests, crises of faith, etc.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me (856-779-7978, The Committee is looking forward to a productive year at Adath  as well as meeting and working with all of you to make this happen.

Cary Hillebrand Chairperson, Lifelong Learning Committee
Need transportation to attend programs? No problem. Please contact the office and we will make every effort to accommodate.
2018 Spring Semester

1. Torah Talk and Bagels Expand your understanding of the weekly Torah portion and share your thoughts with other members of the Adath Emanu-El family in this lay led informal study session. No prior knowledge of Torah is required. There is no finer way to spend Shabbat morning! Every Saturday morning at 8:45 am. All are welcome!

2. Talmud Study Join Rabbi David for a monthly Talmud Study class to discuss the stories and legends that have guided our people for centuries. Discuss the precious wisdom and historical perspective in an engrossing and positive class environment. Friday mornings. Classes will be held on Jan 26, Feb 16, Mar 9, Apr 27, and May 25. All sessions begin at 10 am.

3. Adath Emanu-El Movie Nights The following films will be shown in the Tapestry Room at 7 PM. A discussion will follow each film: • Jan 16 The Other Son (2012, France & Israel) • Feb 20 Driving Miss Daisy (1989, USA) • Mar 19 Putzel (2014, USA) • Apr 16 The Quarrel (1991, Canada) • May 14 Welcome to Kutscher’s (2012, USA) • June 18 Paper Clips (2004, USA) Complimentary refreshments will be served!

4. “Connection Between Shakespeare and Judaism”. Presented by Sharon Eiferman Tuesday, April 24 at 7 PM in the library. This class will discuss several related topics: • The Covenant and the Elizabethan bond.Lifelong Learning Courses & Programs Spring 2018 • Shakespeare’s fools in his plays. Often, he has a fool advising the king. Jewish tradition has wonderful stories of a little town in Germany where the peoples’ folly is ultimately wisdom. • Other issues will be discussed including the question of anti-Semitism. Was Shakespeare an anti-Semite?

5. Introduction to the Holidays – A Different Perspective Or Not Your Grandparents’ Holidays To coincide with upcoming holidays, Cary Hillebrand will host discussions on the historical roots and evolution of the holidays. All programs are scheduled for 7 PM in the Library: • Secular Look at Tu-Beshvat (Jan 29) • Are There Historical Roots to Purim? (Feb 26) • Curious Facts About Passover (March 26) • Historical Roots and Development of Shavuot (May 21)

6. G-d** 101 (** No, that is not a typo) Monday evenings, February 5 and February 12 at 7 PM Join Rabbi David for two sessions on how Jewish thinkers have conceptualized G-d over time. From Medieval philosophers to such later scholars as Martin Buber and Abraham Joshua Heschel, how have thoughtful, intelligent people imagined and explained the very idea of G-d? What can we learn from their teachings today?

7. Heroes of Israel Monday evenings, April 23 and April 30 at 7 PM This year we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. Join Rabbi David for two engaging sessions on some of Israel’s most iconic and historic personalities. Who are the people who most embody the Zionist spirit? Who are the characters who best represent modern-day Israel? Join us for a survey of some names you may or may not know and be ready to learn and explore together.

8. Hebrew 101 (Basics for Adults) Course led by Larry Marcus Ever wish you could follow a service better? Or be able to assist your children with their religious school assignments? If so, this course is for you. It is designed for adults who have little or no background or knowledge of the modern Hebrew language. It will cover the basics of Hebrew from its alphabet and structure to common prefixes used. It will meet one weeknight a week for an hour. The atmosphere will be relaxed and supportive using both instructor and classmate pairing techniques as well as helpful handouts. Student questions are welcomed and encouraged. Six sessions, Mondays at 7 PM in the library. February 5, 12, 19, 26 and March 5 and 12. Cost (to cover expenses): $36 ($46 for nonmembers) includes textbook.

9. Bus Trip to Woodbine and Alliance Let us explore the little-known story of the Jewish farming colonies in southern New Jersey that were founded less than a century ago. Ruth Bogutz, local historian of Jewish southern New Jersey will guide us on a bus tour of the former Jewish farming settlements in Alliance, Carmel, and Woodbine. Dairy buffet lunch at the historic Temple Beth Hillel Beth Abraham and admission to the Sam Azeez Museum in Woodbine are included in the cost. Cost is $50 for members ($60 for non-members). Sunday, April 29. Bus (Motor Coach) will leave Adath at 8:45 AM and return about 6 PM. Questions? Please contact Cary Hillebrand (856) 779-7978 

When two people sit and the words of Torah pass between them,   the Presence of God fills the space between them” (Pirkei Avot 3:3)

 Who is Wise? One who learns from all.                                                                                                                                                                          Pirki Avot 

Adath Emanu-El’s life long learning programs offer something of interest for all types of learners.